Snack Cup Set

$ 25.00

This do-it-all toddler snack cup + suction dining bowl + veggie steamer + storage container replaces four pieces of tableware and is a baby gear essential for mealtime. The top lid keeps snacks fresh, reverses as a suction base to avoid spills and stacks to other Morepeas cups and bowls. The spill-proof snack lid has a soft opening for little hands, helping babies and toddlers self-feed. It can also be used to quickly steam and serve veggies. Perfect for baby's first solids! Designed with an easy grip handle, this snack cup is a must-have for busy toddlers and parents.

Set includes snack cup with handle, lid, and suction base. Available in blueberry and grape.

Morepeas was founded by two moms, Ali and Jess, who were just doing their best to raise happy, healthy kiddos. After finding that outings were stressful and unpredictable and they were doing more time cleaning and planning than enjoying, they created Morepeas to help parents and caregivers. Based in Seattle.