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Rosy Rings' Winter Scents

A leather club chair, bourbon on the rocks, a gently wafting pipe, dark woods; sensual and comforting, Honey Tobacco is almond, honey flower, crushed tobacco, patchouli, warm amber, sandalwood and tonka bean.
Forest is hints of citron, golden raspberry and shaved ginger submerged into a deep woodsy-green base of clary sage, falling leaves, Scotch pine, creamy sandal, red cedar and white musk.

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Heavens to Bacon!

Mayana Chocolate Bars

Mayana Chocolate is a destination, a new world of chocolate experienced in every flavor, every bite, and every ingredient. Award-winning Chef Daniel Herskovic uses only the best, freshest ingredients to create an uncommonly luxurious chocolate product.

The Heavens to Bacon! bar may induce unicorn sightings and other happy feelings. Made with crispy bacon-almond praline, potato chips, smoked sea salt caramel, puffed rice and 66% dark chocolate. These candy bars are salty & sweet, chewy & crunchy all at the same time!


Workshops at Heyday

We welcome you to learn something new at a Heyday workshop! Our workshop series has transformed with the expansion of our store into a community staple. We offer a wide variety of workshops that include crafting, cooking, growing, making and giving.

Check out our Valentine's Pop Up Workshops here.