Sippy Cup + Straw Set

$ 25.00

This sippy cup + training straw set is designed to grow with your child from a sippy, to a straw, to an open cup, and it is the perfect transition cup from baby to toddler. The top lid reverses as a weighted suction base to add stability for straw-training and reduces the chance of spills. As your child grows (or when using the sippy spout), you can flip the suction lid to a flat base. It can also be used to store our straw for on-the-go, keeping it clean and secure in your diaper bag. The training straw has a middle stopper to prevent your child from removing it, making it the best sippy and straw cup for your little one.

Includes set with straw, lid, cup, and base. Available in grape or sherbet.

Morepeas was founded by two moms, Ali and Jess, who were just doing their best to raise happy, healthy kiddos. After finding that outings were stressful and unpredictable and they were doing more time cleaning and planning than enjoying, they created Morepeas to help parents and caregivers. Based in Seattle.