Glo Blemish Free Oil

$ 70.00

This oil is made from a combination of 10 therapeutic grade essential oils. Due to nut allergies, sunflower seed oil is used as the carrier oil because it is hypoallergenic and closest to the natural skin oil known as sebum. While using oil on oily skin seems counter-intuitive, this combination of oils is non-clogging and contains astringent qualities to fight bacteria and maintain clear pores. The essential oils used in this product have anti-microbial/bacterial and anti-fungal properties combined to restore skin to a clear and supple state. There are also anti-inflammatory qualities in these oils to soothe irritated skin. This oil is also an excellent choice for relieving rashes, insect bites and sun burned skin.

Size: 1 oz
: Sunflower seed oil, cranberry seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and lavender, juniper, frankincense, neroli, chamomile, geranium and melaleuca essential oils
Instructions: Applied morning and night, 2-3 drops of this blend of oils is perfect for those seeking to prevent or eliminate acne.

glō Luxury Oils is committed to creating and delivering 100% natural and organic products to nourish, protect, and regenerate your skin without compromising on health, safety, quality or sustainability. Their ingredients are sourced from farms around the globe that are wild crafted, free of chemicals, herbicide, or pesticides and are of fair-trade value. Founder Megan Ulrichs visits farms and botanical gardens around the U.S., Europe and Morocco, passionately sourcing ingredients and creating personal connections with growers and local communities. glō is based in Bozeman, Montana.