The Adventures of John Muir

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The Adventures of John Muir by Kate Coombs, illustrated by Seth Lucas

John Muir was a scottish-born american naturalist, author who became known as “father of the national parks.” millions have read his letters, essays, and books of his adventures in nature, and his advocacy was essential in helping to preserve many beautiful parts of the west—especially yosemite national park. Kate Coombs’ enchanting poem and Seth Lucas’ adorable illustrations share Muir’s love of the sierras, the sequoias and redwoods, and the birds and animals of the west with the next generation of little nature-lovers, fostering a life-long appreciation of the world around them.

board book
: 13
author: Kate Coombs is an award-winning author of original fairy tales, poems, middle-grade fantasy novels, and picture books based in bountiful, ut.
illustrator: Seth Lucas is an illustrator and designer creating prints and accessories supporting the national parks and outdoors based in indianapolis, in.


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