Flip + Store Pacifier Set

$ 15.00

This all-in-one pacifier + teether + case has never been seen before! You can flip it and store it! The bright colors will have your little one reaching for it just as much as you. It's perfect for on-the-go and when not in use, flip the pacifier into the case to protect it from all the yucky stuff. The ring also doubles as a teether to soothe your little one. It's made from premium, 100% toxin free silicone. The perfect accessory for kids who have somewhere to be - yes peas!

Includes on pacifier and one cover, available in melon and sweet pea.

Morepeas was founded by two moms, Ali and Jess, who were just doing their best to raise happy, healthy kiddos. After finding that outings were stressful and unpredictable and they were doing more time cleaning and planning than enjoying, they created Morepeas to help parents and caregivers. Based in Seattle.