Easter Taster Treat Box

$ 18.00
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The way to make some-bunny very hoppy! Treat them to a positively adorable sampling of the sweetest seasonal treats:

Apple Frogs - Bright green apple-flavored gummies paired with vanilla apple foam for a taste that will get taste buds hoppin'!

Robin's Egg Caramels - Rich and creamy caramels are surrounded in premium dark chocolate and dipped in a delicate candy shell.

Baby Butterflies - Sweet gummy treats flutter in flavors of strawberry, lemon, apple and raspberry.

Little Lamb Gumdrops - Flock towards these sweet and sugary gummies, dressed up in tiny nonpareils.

Sugarfina makes the highest quality all-natural candy made without artificial ingredients. Their cute candy cubes and packaging make a perfect treat for yourself or to toss in with a gift. Based in El Segundo, California.