Cold Shower Ice-Cold Body Scrub

$ 15.00

This body scrub should be considered a warning against the threat of a post-shower sweat. Like a northern Wisconsin blizzard, this exfoliating scrub delivers a chilling effect so bracing, it feels like you're streaking across Lambeau in December. Simply put, this is the product for hard-working folks who want to take a hot shower without losing their cool.

Size: 8 fl oz
Key ingredients: Menthol, caffeine, aloe vera, plant-based thickeners, mineral-enriched, and glycerin. Alcohol-free. 
Scent: Subtle menthol

Duke Cannon was founded with a simple purpose, to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. Rooted in military history, Duke Cannon gains inspiration from active duty soldiers and gives back to the men and women serving our country. Made in the USA and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.