Dream Decoder

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ever dream that you were flying? or being chased? do you wake up and wonder 'what did that mean'? Dream Decoder presents 60 of the most common dreams, explaining what your unconscious mind is telling you, and what events or situations in your waking life might inspire certain dreams. this improved self–awareness can be used as a tool to deal with challenging emotional situations or life choices. each card shows an atmospheric illustration of an archetypal dream on one side and common interpretations on the other. includes tips on how to use the cards and optional games for one or more people.

includes: 60 dream cards
author: Theresa Cheung is a Sunday Times bestselling spiritual, dreams and paranormal author.
illustrator: Harriet Lee-Merrion is an award-winning artist and illustrator, whose work primarily consists of pastel colors and delicate black lines, and is influenced by botanical engravings, surrealism, and Japanese woodblock prints.

style: chr 9781786274939