Canyon Bolo Tie - Heyday
Canyon Bolo Tie - Heyday
Canyon Bolo Tie - Heyday
Canyon Bolo Tie - Heyday
Canyon Bolo Tie - Heyday
Canyon Bolo Tie - Heyday

Canyon Bolo Tie

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A brushed, hand-patina, solid brass pendant with 8mm turquoise stones is fastened to a braided genuine black leather cord with solid brass tips and a hinged tension clasp for easy adjustment. These handmade pieces are a modern interpretation of a classic style, created with versatility, quality, functionality, and personal expression in mind.

This unisex style is versatile for everyone.

Size: 21" long, adjustable; pendant is 1.75" by 1.5"

Commonform’s mission is to keep jewelry wearers kitted out in brass, silver and stones. Combining a love for creation and gift giving, their collections are produced by hand by women in Bozeman, Montana.

Brass Jewelry Care:

What are they made out of?
Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, resembling gold in color.  This material will tarnish and patina over time turning a brownish aged color. Some pieces will tarnish a bit at first, and then become shinier the longer you wear them. This look can be even more beautiful than raw new brass.  However, if you prefer your brass to really shine, reference the wear and care instructions below.

How can I care for them? How will they hold up over time?
Brass is durable, easy to clean, and will last for decades with proper care. One thing to keep in mind is that the copper content of this metal can oxidize in combination with skin oils, creating a greenish layer of copper carbonate on skin. Everyone's chemistry is a little different, so the wearing experience can vary quite a bit. If you want to create a barrier between your skin and the brass, a clear coat of enamel or nail polish on the inside of your piece will do the trick. In fact, most non-fine metal jewelry is already coated in this clear enamel for that reason. We choose not to coat or plate our metal so that you can experience the richness as the metal changes over time.

Taking good care of your brass and bronze jewelry will keep it shinier, longer. Wearing it often tends to keep it looking its best (the oils from your skin and contact with other hard services - especially with rings - will burnish and shine the surface naturally), but here are a few tips for long term wear and care:

If you wouldn't put it on your skin you shouldn't put it on your jewelry. Avoid chemicals like household cleaners and liquid jewelry cleaner. All you need is a great polishing cloth, or soap and water. Our favorite method is a little bit of dish soap with a soft toothbrush or sponge (a more abrasive sponge can be used if the tarnish is deep). Wash carefully, then rinse under the faucet and dry with a soft cloth (don't forget to plug the drain first). We also like to use the polishing squares for the ultimate shine.

Try not to wear your jewelry in the pool, as the chemicals will oxidize and change the appearance of your metals. Try not to sleep or sweat in them either, as this can change the patina on your metals very quickly.
Store your jewelry in a dry place. Moisture leads to tarnish, thus the bathroom is not a great place to store your jewels. To slow down the natural tarnishing process, we suggest a small ziplock bag if your are going to give your jewels a break for more then a few days.

Images courtesy of Commonform

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