Baby to Tot Spoon Set

$ 15.00

These ultra-soft silicone baby to toddler spoons protect gums, newly developing teeth and are soft enough to chew on as a teether. The size was carefully selected, so that the ergonomic handle is long enough to fit adult hands for feeding and short enough for a child to learn to self-feed. Designed with fun, modern colors and made of hypoallergenic, bacteria-resistant, BPA free silicone, they are the best toddler and baby spoons for your little one.

Set of 2, available in sherbet or blueberry.

Morepeas was founded by two moms, Ali and Jess, who were just doing their best to raise happy, healthy kiddos. After finding that outings were stressful and unpredictable and they were doing more time cleaning and planning than enjoying, they created Morepeas to help parents and caregivers. Based in Seattle.