Sun Soaked Sips

Cocktails and zero proof beverages to beat the heat.

Cheers to Summertime

Summer is officially here and with it comes our favorite warm weather activities. As the temperatures rise, so does our desire for cool, revitalizing beverages. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, lounging by the lake, or simply enjoying a warm evening on the patio, the right drink - and the perfect glass - can transform any moment into a celebration. For any situation, we have the solution to concoct foolproof drinks to impress even your most seasoned mixologist friends. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite cocktail books, glassware, flasks, and flavorful mixes for the full drink-creating experience. Cheers to a season of sun-soaked sips!

The Go-To Summer Cocktail

Ready to Mix Craft Cocktails

Based in Maryland, Noble Micks’ creators and owners, Courtney and Erik, devised the idea of a drink in a packet when they noticed an opportunity for something new and exciting in the gift and home industry. Parties bring people together, and they’ve made it easy to host your get-togethers anywhere by eliminating the need to tote around liquid mixers and a multitude of ingredients. To prove the versatility of their creation, they’ve made a Noble Mick’s cocktail in just about any situation you might find yourself, including “in the parking lot at a kids trampoline park birthday party.” Their ultimate goal? To bring people together!

Thanks to their travel-friendly packaging, Heyday members have brought Noble Mick’s aboard airplanes and boat rides. The instructions are simple: combine the mix (we recommend starting with a half packet and adding mix as desired) with 1.5oz of choice liquor, shake or stir until it’s completely dissolved, add 2 oz of water, pour over ice and then add your favorite garnish. One bonus to these flavorful packets is that you can make any of them into a delicious mocktail by just leaving out the spirit! Try adding a bit of soda water instead to still give it a kick.

Greyhound Single Serve

With its cranberry, grapefruit, and lemon undertones, Noble Mick’s Greyhound is sure to quench your thirst for that perfect summer citrus cocktail. Combine with vodka or gin and then garnish with a lime or grapefruit wedge. If you’re wanting an extra element, salt the rim to get a Salty Dog!


Icepick Single Serve Cocktail

Ice tea and lemonade is the ultimate summer drink. Noble Mick’s Icepick is the best combination of these classic sips, especially when you add your favorite spirit. We recommend adding vodka with a garnish of lemon or mint. Skip the vodka for a refreshing zero proof mocktail.


Redefine the Art of the Perfect Zero to Full Proof Cocktail at Home

Whether you're looking to craft the perfect mocktail for a hot afternoon or a potent drink to kickstart your evening, we've found your perfect go-to guides with recipes of your new favorite summer sips.

Sunshine Cocktail Essentials

For the DIY Bartender

Summer Sparklers: 60 Sunshine Cocktails for Spring and Summer, by Jassy Davis, not only has sixty exceptional recipes within this travel size book, it also has all the information you could possibly want to become a DIY bartender. This guide provides tips on the correct tools, glassware, and mixing techniques for each drink category, plus all the how-tos for creating your own simple syrups and fruit purées. To tie it all together, each recipe is accompanied by a colorful illustration to highlight the notes and general vibes of the drink.

Summer Sparklers: 60 Sunshine Cocktails for Spring and Summer

Blueberry + Mint Mojito

Pineapple + Thyme Rum Fizz

To wow your tastebuds, we recommend the Blueberry and Mint Mojito. The extra soda water and juicy blueberries give it a boost and a refreshing mix worthy cocktail, ideal for any backyard pool party or beachside celebration. You only need seven simple ingredients: mint leaves, blueberries, limes, simple syrup (recipe provided in book), light rum, lime juice, and soda water. 

Have some leftover ingredients from your mojito? We suggest using them to make the Pineapple and Thyme Rum Fizz. As the author, Jassy Davis, says, “Fizz means fun,” so it’s the perfect excuse to create a carbonated and zingy drink to pair with your fun. For this refreshment, you’ll need fresh thyme, light rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and soda water. To decorate, we like to add a garnishing umbrella popped into a maraschino cherry. If you’re not a rum fan, vodka and silver tequila are delicious substitutes. 

Zero Proof: 90 Non-Alcoholic Recipes for Mindful Drinking by Elva Ramirez

Written by a veteran food journalist who kickstarted her career at the Wall Street Journal, this book is the perfect gift for those who enjoy the drinks, but not the alcohol. Organized by flavor profile, Zero Proof is stuffed with recipes created by the world’s most talented bartenders. Like other recipe books of its kind, it contains tips and tricks for building the perfect mocktail. Unlike others, Ramirez includes several pages about the history of temperance spanning from the colonial era to the late nineteenth century and what caused the rise of mocktails and trends, like Dry January. To cap it off, she finishes by analyzing how alcohol influences the way we socialize and where she sees zero-proof drinking is heading next. With all the fascinating and easy to read history and research, it inspires the reader to try all the recipes. The finishing touch are all the beautiful photos paired with the drink recipes. You’ll want to start pouring as soon as you open this book!

Mexican Tea Tonic Zero Proof Cocktail

Hibiscus Cream Puff Zero Proof Cocktail

Tea Tonic created by David Paz at Xaman bar in Mexico City

Light and fruity, the Tea Tonic’s pineapple base reminds one of sunny pools and summer parties. This mixture of pineapple tea (recipe included in book) agave nectar, lime juice, lemon, tonic water, and egg white is just what you need to blend in with the cocktail crowd. Garnish with an edible flower, such as a pansy, and everyone will be wanting what you’re drinking. If you're in search of a simpler option, you check out the Sous Vide Pineapple Tea and add some sparkling water.

Hibiscus Cream Puff by Erick Castro at Raised by Wolves bar in San Diego

With one glance at this frothy refreshment, you’ll be wanting to find the nearest beach. Containing mainly homemade hibiscus syrup and heavy cream, this decadent treat will definitely be the star of the party. Its creator was inspired by old-school milkshakes from turn-of-the-century soda parlors, and it only adds to the nostalgic feeling this delightful drink delivers.

Cheers to your new summer sips!

Written by staff writer, Sarah Hughes