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Setting a Table with Brigitte


Creating a Festive Table

The dining table is a special place during the holidays – family, friends, neighbors and colleagues gathering together to share a meal, laughs and great memories. Brigitte, our Lead Merchandiser, has put together some simple tips and tricks to set the perfect table for your next dinner party. 

Setting a table with Brigitte - Heyday
Setting the base of the table - Heyday

Set the Base

We love table runners on a beautiful, natural grain wood table. If you are wanting to cover your entire table, you can add a table runner on top of a full table linen. Looking for something extra striking, try using a blanket or throw for your table linen. 

Using forage for table decor - Heyday

Use Forage

Take a walk in your garden, or front yard and you might find the perfect greenery to add to your table. This beautiful blue spruce adds just the right amount of color and texture.

Using different style dishes and flatware - Heyday

Mix it Up

Gone are the days of choosing gold or silver, so just mix it up and use both to create an eclectic place setting that is truly one of a kind. Just remember, no matter how formal or casual the event is, the silverware must line-up at the bottom, be evenly spaced and be placed in the correct order, with first course on the outside and working inward. Remember forks on the left and knives and spoons on the right, with the knife next to the plate with the blade facing towards the plate. An easy way to always remember the placement of silverware is LEFT and FORK, both have four letters and RIGHT and both SPOON and KNIFE have five letters. When it comes to your dessert utensil, run it horizontal, above the plate.

Holiday table setting - Heyday Bozeman

Keep it Conversational

Remember to keep your décor below eye height so you and your guests can easily converse. Or, set your table with décor that can be easily removed.

Layering a table - Heyday Bozeman


We love to encourage layering of varied textures. This is where you can mix your grandmother’s China with a rustic placemat or charger. You might be surprised with how well they go together. 

Adding a gift for guest on a table - Heyday

Final Touch

Make each setting extra special with a small gift. We use a little vintage tin filled with sweets. Other ideas are a holiday cracker (with the gift inside), a sprig of rosemary or an ornament. 

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About Brigitte

Brigitte has been lead merchandiser with Heyday since day one, in 2007. Graduating with a degree in architecture, she has always gravitated to a creative career in the design industry and is super happy to be in her dream job with an amazing team of women.

Brigitte from Heyday Bozeman