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Gifts We LOVE: Heyday Moms' Top Picks  


Mother’s Day is an important celebration here at Heyday. We are lucky to call so many amazing moms both colleagues and friends. We know it can be hard to find the perfect gift to celebrate the moms in your life, so we reached out to some Heyday Mamas so they can share their favorites with you.

Mallory, Owner and Lead Buyer, Heyday Bozeman





For more than 15 years, Supergoop! has specialized in creating creamy, dreamy, invisible, and irresistible sunscreen options for anyone and everyone to work in daily SPF to their routine. Made in the USA, Supergoop! aims to continually invest in newer, better ways to bring sunscreen to life with formulas that change the game, transforming the way the world thinks about SPF.

Mallory loves using Supergoop! products for the whole family: “I love this entire line! The products are clean and a total departure from your traditional greasy, oily sunscreen. A few of our family favorites are: Glow Stick - kiddo fave - and the Glow Screen Body for a little shimmer and shine at the pool or beach.” The Glow Stick sunscreen is a mess-free, portable, dry oil sunscreen stick for face, chest, and shoulders. In a travel-friendly stick you can just throw into your purse or beach bag, you’ll find hydrating protection wherever the day takes you. Glow Screen Body sunscreen gives you a warm, subtle shimmer while providing broad spectrum SPF 40 with a whipped, airy feel. Fast-absorbing and water and sweat-resistant, this sunscreen is ideal for daily use - a glowy highlighter and daily sunscreen in one!

Aloha Collection was born out of love for travel, adventure and the ocean. Founded by international business major Heather and international flight attendant and professional packer Rachael, creating the ultimate splash-proof travel bag was a match made in paradise. Mallory loves these bags for any outdoor adventures: “These are my go-to bags for all things kids and outdoors. I use these bags as cosmetic bags, for wet bathing suits, and I love traveling with the large tote for the beach and pool. The easiest to keep clean!” Ideal for beach vacations or river days, Aloha bags are made of an easy to clean and water-resistant material. These pouches can be used in a million ways to keep life’s little moments organized.

Lisa with Heyday Bozeman

Geometry Tea Towels


Geometry Dishcloth


Geometry’s mission is simple: fuse beautiful, cool, fun, unique, and hip art on products used everyday in our homes. These microfiber towels are beautiful and functional, and one of Lisa’s favorites: “These are the best towels. They are so pretty and are very absorbent. It's a great house warming and hostess gift.” Made from recycled post-consumer materials, Geometry has redefined the kitchen towel. A Heyday favorite, these towels are a staple in our kitchens and beyond - they are even great for cleaning windows without leaving any streaks behind! Available in a variety of prints and colors, say hello to your new favorite towel!

Lafco candles at Heyday Bozeman

Lafco Candles


Cottage Greenhouse
Starts at $8


Annie is never shy about sharing her love for candles - the elegance of a beautiful vessel and the soothing experience of an irresistible scent. The Big Sky candle from Lafco emulates the mountain views and seemingly infinite sky with notes of pink peppercorn and spiciness of clove bud. The hand blown glass vessel enhances the burning experience, and can be reused as home decor. Let the warm, rich scent transport you, knowing Lafco candles are designed to deliver a high-quality, natural, sustainable and guilt-free experience. Using ethically sourced ingredients, sustainable manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices, their products evoke a soothing, invigorating, meditative and inspiring sensory response.

Lori with Heyday Bozeman
Panier des Sens at Heyday Bozeman

Panier des Sens
Starts at $10


Inspired by natural resources and Mediterranean know-how, Panier des Sens takes the best that Provence has to offer to develop natural, simple and authentic products. Lori loves their Almond Nail + Cuticle Oil: “One of my absolute favorite products that we carry! Softens my cuticles and is super moisturizing! Love love!” This concentrate of nourishing vegetal oils nourishes the skin and gently softens dry cuticles with sweet almond, grapeseed and avocado oils - with 96% of the total ingredients from natural origin. Panier des Sens offers natural and vegan formulas and 100% recycled packaging, offering you a sustainable beauty product you can feel good about.

Lindsey at Heyday Bozeman

Kitsch Heatless Curling Set


Kitsch, a women owned and operated beauty brand based in Los Angeles, makes consistently high quality and sustainable beauty solutions. Lindsey loves that their products simplify her hair routine: “One of my favorite purchases is the Quick Dry Towel! I have super thick hair, so I love how highly absorbent this towel is! Helps dry my hair faster and provides comfort and ease for my post shower routine!” Another favorite is the Banana Clip set - thanks to the design's metal spring and long interlocking teeth, the clip offers a secure and sturdy grip on most hair types. Easy to use to throw your hair up into a stylish ponytail or flippy updo (without any hair creasing), these clips offer you a stylish way to skip wash day. No time to curl your hair in the mornings? Kitsch has you covered with their satin Heatless Curling set. Simple to use, this curling set can be worn at night to reveal the perfect waves. The satin construction keeps hair frizz-free and prevents breakage.

Jennievent with Heyday Bozeman

Bink Day Bottles


Meet the Day Bottle from Bink: a simple glass water bottle with hydration tracking designed to help you meet your daily recommended water needs. The outer layer, made with food-grade silicone rubber, has tracking dots and times. Jennieven loves how easy it is to bring hydration with you: “It’s such an easy bottle to travel with! I love the simple design, and that it’s dishwasher safe.” For smaller hands or smaller bags, the Mini Bottle offers a convenient way to stay hydrated in a smaller package. The Lounge Straw + Cap set is an easy to press fit cap with a flexible straw that is easy to clean. Food-grade silicone is durable and dishwasher safe. Bink’s mission is to create water bottles that empower you to be more mindful of the water you drink everyday, drawing from their founder’s expertise in design and health care.

Amanda with Heyday Bozeman

Padgett Hoke Crystal Hoops


Who doesn’t appreciate a little sparkle? Amanda’s favorite jewelry from Padgett Hoke are the Crystal Hoop earrings: “Best jewelry for a timeless, classic look at a perfect price point. Made in Jackson, Wyoming with an impeccable quality.” A unique take on the classic huggie hoop, these sparkly hoop earrings feature the tiniest crystal stones, adding a special touch to any look. Padgett Hoke, a jeweler based in Jackson Hole, crafts her design to capture the spirit of the best parts of the great outdoors and being in the mountains.

Georgia with Heyday Bozeman

Mersea Sun Kissed Collection
Starting at $8


Sitting beautifully on any counter, the Mersea Sun Kissed Hand Soap softens and nourishes your skin with a rich, lathering sea-infused formula. The scent is also available in a Shea Lotion, leaving your skin feeling smooth and revived. Georgia can’t get enough of them: “My latest obsession! These products smell like fresh! The lotion makes my skin feel velvety and the packaging is fun!” The Sun Kissed scent offers notes of cardamom, juniper and cedar. You’ll smell a little sun and a little surf - inspired by the orange groves that grow along the shore. Mersea crafts their products to transport body and soul to places old and new: let the smells of Sunkissed take you on a new adventure.

Written by Heyday team writer, Porter Margolis