Reading Corner at Heyday

with the Storybook Fairy

Spring 2023


Bring your littles and join us for Annie's Reading Corner every other Friday morning, at 10:00 a.m., beginning March 24 and running to May 19. You and your little one(s) will enjoy a sweet morning of reading with our favorite reader, Annie the Storybook Fairy. Also, enjoy special treats for both littles and parents. We just ask that parents remain with their little ones throughout the reading period.

Each week we will feature a new children's book with a fresh fun theme. Mark your calendar and join us on the dates listed below:

Spring 2023 Calendar

the storybook fairy

All About Annie

Annie has been a Heyday sales team superstar since 2019. She plays an important role as the face of Heyday in the store, going out of her way to treat every customer like they're the most special person in the room. Often times first time customers become Annie's newest friends.Annie co-founded Annie’s Reading Corner with Heyday owner, Mallory Dabney, in 2021 as a way to bring the Bozeman community together, specifically littles one and their parents/grandparents. She has a true gift of making books exciting, as she captivates the young audience with her charisma and fun costumes.

Heyday's Story Book Fairy

4/21 Featured Reads

I Love the Mountains, by Haily Meyers

Take a walk through the mountains with your little one, and sing along with the rolling rhymes. Captivating illustrations transport you right into the hills and streams, inspiring you and your little explorers to find the flowers, the bees, and all that comes with adventuring in nature. Parents will love the nostalgia of simple camp songs and littles will love following along with the bouncing melody. Read the story together, and then head outside to connect with nature, following along with all the adventures from the book! Simple to read text connects with young readers of all ages, and the beautiful illustrations will keep them picking up the book time and time again.

The Chumiss and the Micken, Written by Annie McCarvel McCutcheon, Illustrated by Kelly Anne Dalton

This story asks the age-old question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" and provides a newly imagined answer! Meet Chumiss and Micken, two adorable creatures, half-bear and half-bird, destined to be friends. Whimsical illustrations and playful text will charm your young reader. From a local Montana author and illustrator, celebrate creativity in answering the big questions in life with this Made in Montana story.

4/7 Featured Reads

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! By Mo Willems

There’s only one thing the bus driver asks… Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus! When the bus driver takes a break from his route, an unlikely volunteer pops up. This pigeon pleads, wheedles, and begs his way across the book and your little one will love being able to answer back and decide the pigeon’s fate. The pigeon throws around various excuses on why he should drive the bus, but young readers will keep telling him “no”! A super fun call and response book, this story will give the little ones a sense of responsibility of keeping the pigeon at bay, and the large and engaging text helps them recognize new letters and words. Capturing the essence of a meltdown when told repeatedly “no”, with simple yet charming illustrations that convey the pigeon’s emotions for all young readers, this delightful book puts kids in the driver’s seat of deciding between right and wrong.

Bunny Roo I Love You, written by Melissa Marr, Illustrated by Teagan White

With sweet illustrations and playful text, this book celebrates the love between parents and their new babies. Mothers know how to soothe and comfort their babies in the big, wide, bewildering world. Follow along through enchanting scenes with a variety of mama animals all looking out for their little ones. Your young reader will stay reassured that no matter where they are, their caretakers will love and keep them safe. A tender tale following little ones figuring out their place, the combination of whimsical illustrations and warm, loving phrases exquisitely portrays the affection between mother and child.

Little Me, by Eve Bishop and Penny Johnson

Follow an adorable, little bunny on a big, exciting adventure! Bounce through the garden, round the pond, and into the wide, wonderful world. Young readers follow along as the bunny discovers just how different our friends can be - like wondering why hens have feathers when bunnies have furry tails? Lovable illustrations and easy to follow text, this book will charm any little one, especially those with a fondness for animals. With so much to discover, this story will remind those with big dreams that little hops lead to mighty bounds!

3/24 Featured Reads

I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home, by Kathryn Cristaldi, Illustrated by Kristyna Litten

Playing off the saying of “I’ll love you till the cows come home”, this book pairs rhythmic text and comedic art, resulting in the perfect book to express your love with your little one. With sheep setting sail, yaks in Cadillacs, frogs on bikes, and more, this humorous yet heartfelt story is a great tribute to family love. A great read aloud to add to your bedtime routine, the unique lullabies, charming animals, and cheerful colors will have you returning to this book night after night.

Yak’s Garden Party, by Kelly Oriard with Callie Christensen

In this story, Yak struggles to cope with her party plans going awry, learning important problem solving skills along the way. Developed with therapists and educators, this book highlights important social skills, the benefit of staying flexible, and how important empathy can be when someone is feeling disappointed. With lessons for little ones and parents alike, this Slumberkins story will teach the importance of letting others take a turn to lead, to be self-accepting, and learn to cope with change.

Busy Betty, by Reese Witherspoon, Illustrated by Xindi Yan

This story follows Busy Betty, a creative, curious, and exuberant young girl with big plans and a bigger heart. Betty’s dog Frank is smelly and needs a bath before her friend Mae comes over - but it proves to be no easy task. Readers follow Betty trials and triumphs, showing with teamwork, she can accomplish anything with hard work, perseverance, and a great idea. Young readers are encouraged to celebrate their unique features and realize anything is possible. With engaging illustrations and text that seems to jump off the page, this book will captivate readers and celebrate their youthful curiosity.

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