Yellowstone: A National Park Primer

$ 10.95

Yellowstone: A National Park Primer by Christopher & Sarah Cable

With eleven brilliant color photos of wildlife, geysers, and scenery, this board book is a great way to show the marvels of Yellowstone National Park to very young children. Each photo is paired with a delightful rhyming verse that educationally describes a feature of the photo's subject, from "stinky" thermal springs to "knobby-kneed" moose. Each image was taken in Yellowstone by noted photographer Christopher Cauble; the rhymes were written by Christopher and his wife, Sarah; and the book was designed by Sarah. They created the book to share the wonders of Yellowstone with their young daughter. Yellowstone: A National Park Primer is a wonderful introduction to Yellowstone and to nature for pre-school, beginning readers.

Board book, 20 pages, 2-5 years