Vetiver Sage Glass Candle

$ 34.00

elemental is a story told through the materials that compose it-a collection inspired by earthly elements and elevated by sophisticated design. the fragrances evoke a deep connection to the honest ingredients they are made of, calling on pure essential oils 100% naturally derived from flora, fauna + minerals. designed for a discerning eye, the collection brings the inside out with uncommon attention to raw materials and refined details. it's a holistic approach that strikes a steady balance between earth + elegance.

a kraft tube with a metallic top is wrapped in a delicately letterpressed label and secured by a simple string band. housed carefully inside is a glass candle - a mix of straightforward and sophisticated design.

size: 11.5 oz
scent: vetiver sage
scent notes: bergamot, clary sage + vetiver
burn time: 60 hours