Treeline Coffee Roasters

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About Treeline Coffee Roasters

In 2013 Natalie founded her first coffee business, Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters. Then in 2016 Natalie finally found the perfect space for a flagship cafe and roastery, and with it the opportunity to re-brand. The Wagon had served her well, but it didn’t seem to convey the philosophy she had discovered as her craft developed. She wanted something that spoke of the outdoors and the interconnected story of coffee from farm to cup… to adventure. And so the little business was re-born as Treeline Coffee Roasters, a fully formed roastery with two cafes in Bozeman’s North Side Mill District and Downtown, respectively.

As LRW became Treeline, Natalie’s childhood friend (affectionately referred to as her sister) Deejay Newell came on as co-owner of Treeline, and together they have worked alongside one another, and a stellar team of baristas, roasters, designers and bakers, to create a brand that is rooted in community, driven by craftsmanship, and inspired by the incredible story of how coffee finds its way into our happy bellies to fuel the things we love.


Favorite Girl Power Quotes:

“Done is better than perfect” - Sheryl Sandberg

“Put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee and handle it”