Sweet Balsam Cove Candle

$ 42.00

our travels have often taken us to desolate, rugged beaches that reveal themselves after long hikes through dense forest and piney brush. sheer, ragged cliffs drop down to crashing waves and sometimes have even surprised us with black sand beaches. we love to wander over rock formations worn down by sea water and explore tidal pools with the smell of forest ever-present amid the salt-spray air. this collection captures that experience and was inspired by the many photos collected from these travels. the scents reflect these images mixing woodsy, salt air and green notes.

size: 4.75" round x 3.5"
burn time: 
80 hours
scent: sweet balsam is a blend of evergreens highlighted by spring bulbs and pine cones

matte black glass candle with triple wick and printed maple wood lid