Sugar Cube Sampler Set

$ 25.00

these small batch artisan sugar cubes combine pure cane sugar and premiums ingredients, enticing you to stir up a perfectly flavored craft cup of coffee. 

caramel vanilla: light brown pure cane sugar, vanilla extract
rose cardamom: pure cane sugar, rose water, cardamom, beet juice
orange ginger: pure cane sugar, cold pressed ginger, orange zest, ground ginger
chai molasses: dark brown pure cane sugar, cold pressed ginger, cardamom, ground ginger, black pepper, cinnamon

each mini tube individually yields 6 cubes. entire sample pack includes 24 cubes total. 

not just a coffee brand, Good Citizen is a lifestyle brand aspiring to connect and resonate people who enjoy the simple things in life. based in nashville, tn.

style: goo gcsm-6010