Glo Regenerative Oil

$ 66.00

this luxurious oil is derived from five essential oils derived from flowers and botanicals. the sustainably sourced, organic and therapeutic grade oils are combined for softening the appearance of sun damaged, aging, dry or sensitive skin. its pore tightening and cell regenerative qualities are due to the high amounts of anti oxidants: vitamins a & c naturally derived from sea buckthorn and rose damascene oil. a main ingredient, rose oil is renowned for its vitamin c rich healing qualities of eliminating scars, boosting collagen and soothing rosacea and eczema. given that it takes 2000 rose petals to make less than 1 ml of rose oil, one can appreciate the value and healing properties of this precious oil. essential oil of carrot seed offers natural vitamin a and natural SPF protection. sea buckthorn oil boasts vitamins a & c and beta carotene for fighting free radical damage and rejuvenating tired skin. essential oil of geranium is beneficial to cellular growth and elasticity as well as pore tightening. each essential and carrier oil is selected from sustainably minded small farms in an effort to maintain optimal integrity and results.

size: 1 oz
each bottle typically lasts 3-6 months depending on usage

ingredients: organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil & geranium, rose, sea buckthorn, and carrot seed essential oils

instructions: applied morning and night, this combination of oils is perfect for those seeking a soothing, light oil for a dewy complexion from healthy, toned and supple skin.