Roman Lavender Reed Diffuser

$ 66.00

dramatic square bottles generously filled with highly concentrated fragrance and real spices, fruits & botanicals. each 13 oz. bottle comes with a decorative wooden cap and 10 reeds. the fragrance will last 6-9 months.

gorgeous packaging is the perfect complement to dramatic square bottles filled with real spices, fruit and botanicals. every object you see inside is painstakingly placed there by hand. concentrated and highly effective, our diffusers do not contain alcohol.

scent: Roman lavender pays tribute to the fresh lavender bloom. brightly aromatic stems of fresh lavender are interwoven in an herbal bouquet of rosemary, sage, basil and olive leaf. wild iris and coastal cypress quietly emerge and create a calm resting spot for the vibrant herbaceous notes.

made with: bay leaves, coral bells, lavender, essential and high quality fragrance oils.