Love Your Body

$ 17.99

Love Your Body by Jessica Sanders, illustrated by Carol Rossetti

what if every young girl loved her body? Love Your Body encourages you to admire and celebrate your body for all the amazing things it can do and to help you see that you are so much more than your body. Love Your Body introduces the language of self-love and self-care to help build resilience, while representing and celebrating diverse bodies, encouraging you to appreciate your uniqueness. this book was written for every girl, regardless of how you view your body.

pages: 40
ages: 8-12
author: Jessica Sanders was inspired by her own journey to write Love Your Body to educate and empower young girls with the message of self-love.
illustrator: Carol Rossetti is a Brazilian designer and illustrator who showcases drawings of women alongside topics including weight, hair, and clothes. 

style: qua 9780711252424