Our Animal Neighbors

$ 17.95

Our Animal Neighbors by Matthieu Ricard + Jason Gruhl, illustrated by Becca Hall

a story about the fundamental connection between animals and people and how we can treat all of earth's creatures with compassion and empathy. furry polar bears, playful sea otters, slow sloths, prickly porcupines, and slimy snakes are just a few of the many animals we share our world with. Our Animal Neighbors introduces children to the importance of treating all animals with the care and compassion they deserve. we all want to experience love, safety, and respect and this book is the first step to instilling those values at an early age. 

ages: 4-8 years
: 32
authors: Matthieu Ricard is a best-selling author, translator, and photographer from Nepal. Jason Gruhl is an author, psychotherapist for children and adults, and founder of a school for children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities.
illustrator: Becca Hall is an english illustrator of stationery, giftware, and children's books.

style: pen 9781611807233