Little Helper Energy Supplement Strip

$ 4.00

when coffee just won’t do, these energizing supplement strips are the perfect substitute. a single strip is packed with ingredients that give you a natural boost. so long, drowsy days.

contains: 1 supplement strip
flavor: tropical fruit
key ingredients: caffeine, vitamin d, and green tea
directions: take one strip at a time. place the energy strip directly on your tongue and let it dissolve. wait to see how you feel after one strip. if you want to feel more of an effect, dissolve another strip on your tongue. once it kicks in (within 5 to 15 minutes) skip the daily slump and boost your energy level. 
*consult a physician before use if pregnant or nursing, or if you have a medical condition.

Patchology was formed around the idea that truly effective delivery of the best ingredients — on your terms — is a game changer. over ten years ago, their founding team began developing innovative patch technologies for the medical field. today, they’re continuing to expand that expertise in ingredient delivery to create products that do more, work faster, and deliver better results. produced in the usa, based in massachusetts.

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