Breakout Box: 3 in 1 Treatment

$ 22.00

3 in 1 acne treatment kit

gentle and effective ingredients meet customized pore care in this trio of mighty little spot-tamers. clear up acne, de-clog skin, and start healing your blemishes in a matter of hours. you're just one box away from total pore clarity.

- blemish shrinking salicylic acid dots: the blemish diminisher. treat at the first signs of a breakout. containing a potent blend of salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and volcanic ash they helo to penetrate to target sub-surface problems before they erupt

- whitehead absorbing hydrocolloid dots: the ick eraser. when one pops up you need this next-level pore vacuuming impurities out

- detoxifying charcoal nose strips: blockage blaster, evacuate your pores and minimize your pores at once

contains: 24 blemish dots, 24 whitehead dots, and 3 detoxifying nose strips