Pink Salted Grapefruit Relish Jar Candle

$ 14.00
this mini candle honors everyone's favorite storage jar. filled with delicious fragrance, this candle is sure to set the tone in your home. upcycle the relish jar to store all of life's tiny treasures.

size: 3 oz
burn time: approximately 18-21 hours
key ingredients: u.s.-sourced soy wax blend, cotton wick, fragrance oils
scent: top - lemon, grapefruit; middle - red berry; base - orange, sea salt

Paddywax acknowledges that the sense of smell is strongly linked to memory + emotion and there is something magically nostalgic about the power of fragrance. they pride themselves on creating the most versatile and functional candles out there, designing and sourcing each one with intentionality. their beautiful pairings of scents and reusable vessels are made by hand in nashville, tn. 

style: pad rj210