Pastel Moods

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Pastel Moods by Maria Vazquez

Maria Vazquez’s photography proves that urban structures and daily routine can take on a dreamy, quixotic sentiment with the right contrasts. No matter where in the world she is, she can always find the same welcoming beauty in each town, city or country, in the form of colourful blossoms, buildings and details.

Drawing upon color psychology, Maria’s book Pastel Mood Pallets examine how each particular colour tone inspires certain states of mind, and how these reflect how we go about our life. What draws us to the cafes we visit, the buildings we live in? How does colour translate our personality via fashion pieces? How does natures’ own colour palette affect our mood? Focusing on the colours most predominant in her work, each chapter explores a different color tone, how it is used to speak to our psyche and what it evokes in us. Bathed in pastel hues, this book captures the deeper meaning behind how the colors we are surrounded by impact our mood.

# of pages: 108