Megan Ulrichs

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About Glo Luxury Oils

Long before helping others, I spent many years searching for a high quality, aromatic (yes smell is critical to me) product that would not only make my skin look better, but more importantly be completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients. Believe me, this was no small feat!  My research and education not only taught me how to feed the skin from the inside out by eating right, but also how to nourish and heal the skin effectively through the use of essential oils.  The pursuit of the right combination of oils for my own dry and quickly maturing skin, led me to begin exhaustive but enjoyable hours of sourcing and experimentation that initially did not necessarily yield the desired results.  After months of continued trial and error, with hundreds of unique combinations, I finally arrived with a winner that met the criteria that drove my search. 

As my own experience continued to confirm that I had actually designed something that was not commercially available and that worked really well for me,  I decided to share a bottle here and there with family and friends to see if they would share a similar experience.  The feedback was glowingly (yes pun intended) positive and while I had no intentions of starting a business to get this to as many people as the demand dictated, out of necessity, glo Luxury Oils was born!