Fly Free Jewelry

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About Fly Free Jewelry

Making jewelry is my way of connecting to the world and to myself. Life is confusing and complicated. Even though I have done a lot of work into becoming a person I am proud of, I still can't always say things with my words that I can with metal and stone. My time in the studio is where I think long thoughts, make mistakes and then correct them. I look over memories to understand where I have been, and I begin to forge who I am becoming. I know what it took for me to overcome some of the fears and stark realities of starting my own business, following my own advice and flying free. So this is what my jewelry is. Fly Free is a motto, a verb, a lifestyle, a reminder that there can be a wonder in this life, and even if they seem opposite, you can do both. I hope the people who wear my pieces feel something marvelous, or have a reminder to look back up after the thing happened that is impossibly heavy. 

Some things that fly free also fly home...


Favorite Girl Power Quote

"I refused to take no for an answer"

-Bessie Coleman, the first woman to earn an International Aviation License and the world's first licensed female aviator of African American and Indigenous American descent.