Fig+Yarrow Pink Love Salts Packette

$ 14.00

PINK LOVE SALTS is an amorously aromatic blend of pure essential oils in mineral-rich Himalayan pink salts.

key ingredients:

harvested from the himalayan mountains, mineral-rich pink salt detoxifies, revitalizes, and can soothes aches while infusing the body with hydration.

used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, patchouli grounds the spirit and imparts an earthy, rich aroma that can ease tension and stimulate pleasure.

ylang ylang, bergamot, orange, and geranium compliment each other to lift the spirits for cheerful bathing.

stir sensual and loving feelings
purify and mineralize body
relax sore muscles
calm overworked mind

size: 5.5 oz.

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