Field Mint Shampoo Puck

$ 14.00

In the history of lather, there has never been a more important moment than right now. This super-concentrated, premium formulated, solid bar of shampoo smells better and lathers bigger than the rest. Get it a little wet, use your hands to work up a ridiculous lather, and indulge in said lather while you clean and condition your locks. Store the puck out in the open and let dry after each use.

: 4.5 oz, approximately 175 washes

Key ingredients: Tea tree oil, argan oil, and oat kernel protein. Sulfate free.
Scent: Naturally derived eucalyptus peppermint

Duke Cannon was founded with a simple purpose: to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. Rooted in military history, Duke Cannon gains inspiration from active duty soldiers and gives back to the men and women serving our country. Made in the USA and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.