Forbidden Fig Home Ambience Diffuser

$ 26.00

for those who enjoy the finer things... embark on an olfactory journey. the fig is a symbol of opulence, beauty, creation, knowledge, and seduction. this fragrant diffuser oil is hand-poured into an embossed glass vessel for a subtle pop of elegant decor. create your home's signature, always-on fragrance in spaces requiring minimal effort, and enjoy for 4-6 months. Includes rattan reeds for powerful fragrance without overwhelming.

size: 3.4 oz 
product life: 4-6 months
scent: forbidden fig - notes of ripened fig, velvety musk, midnight rose, + fig leaf

Voluspa was hand-crafted with love by artisans and entrepreneurs Traci and Troy Arntsen in their california kitchen nearly 20 years ago. rising from burned pots, homemade waxes and intoxicating perfume oils, Voluspa is today a reflection of the art, beauty and culture that inspire its founders in their travels. Traci’s cultivated passion for botany and essential oils combined with Troy’s passion for travel have positioned Voluspa as one of the premier purveyors of luxury scented candles and body products in the world today. made and based in california.