Original Beauty Chocolate Bar

$ 10.00
this decadent, nourishing bar features adaptogens and vegan collagen for a calm + peaceful mind while getting glowing hair, skin, and nails. rhodiola aids in restoring our body's stress response so we can handle each days' ups and downs and navigate life with grace. monkfruit blend adds sweetness without any after-taste. sugar free, dairy free, ethically sourced dark chocolate.

size: 1.7 oz
ingredients: cacao paste, cacao butter, monkfruit, rhodiola, horsetail extract, himalyan pink salt

Beauty Bar Chocolate encourages you to take a moment for a couple bites of delicious, adaptogenic-rich chocolate is wonderful way to slow down take a moment to breathe, find gratitude, and set your intentions. their high quality and ethically sourced ingredients ensure you can feel good about this treat. based in los angeles, ca.

style: bea ob