Calm Collagen Chocolate Bar

$ 10.00

everyday modern life takes a toll, but you can create moments of oasis by nourishing your body and senses with the calm collagen bar. sugar free, vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, ethically traded dark chocolate.

size: 1.7 oz
ingredients: c
acao paste, organic butter, lakanto monkfruit (non-gmo & natural occurring erythritol and monk fruit extract), hemp, horsetail silica, himalayan pink salt.

Beauty Bar Chocolate encourages you to take a moment for a couple bites of delicious, adaptogenic-rich chocolate is wonderful way to slow down take a moment to breathe, find gratitude, and set your intentions. their high quality and ethically sourced ingredients ensure you can feel good about this treat. based in los angeles, ca.

style: bea cc