Green Tea + Lime Body Scrub

$ 16.00

i’m an all natural green tea & lime body scrub so let’s start by getting you undressed and softly exfoliating your dry skin with my sea salt and sugar.

then i’ll nurture your skin with my green tea and coconut oil, which will leave your skin glowing.

i will further enrich your skin with my jojoba oil and grape seed oil to keep you feeling soft and cleansed into the night.

i’ll reach all parts of your body and have you feeling amazing with essential vitamins and minerals.

all that i ask in return, is that you make use of my skills once or twice a week.

buddy tip: don’t let water get inside the bag. use a spoon or dry your hands before taking a dip in my bag. please make sure to seal me up after use.

size: 7.05 oz
smells like limd cordial, yum!
made in australia
all natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free