Tahiti Candle

$ 48.00


The distance between Tahiti and the rest of the world is measured in more than miles. a late afternoon breeze wafts through a sunlit bungalow over clear blue waters. sea-salted winds carry a sweetly tropical floral bouquet, touched with a hint of native fruits. the air glows with the warmth of sun-kissed skin, whispering of another day in harmony with nature. 

size: 8.5 oz
burn time: approximately 50 hours
key ingredients: all natural wax, vegan, phthalate free
scent: top - sea salt, ozone, hibiscus leaf; middle - frangipani, tiare, strawberry, gardenia, coconut; base - driftwood, white amber, musk

Boheme is a clean-burning, all-natural, non-toxic candle and fragrance brand whose seductively crafted scents evoke a love for adventure and travel. Boheme is inspired by the modern bohemian woman -- adventurous, spirited, and always true to herself. capturing stories from every corner of the world, her journey is always guided by her open heart and free spirit. to forever preserve each perfect moment, she captures it in a scent. handmade in the us.

style: boh tah-w-c-995