Moisturizing Body Oil Refresh

$ 32.00

firm, hydrate, and relax your skin with WILL. their moisturizing body oil blends are high in vitamin E, tannins (antioxidants), linoleic acid and omega 3 + 6. effective in moisture loss control, our oils improve skin vitality. 

a 100% natural moisturizing body oil for dry and tight skin. use this product after your training session and shower to keep your skin and muscles look healthy and hydrated. this oil blend is medium in weight and suitable for all skin types. one bottle should last well over a month with daily use. this product has a fresh earthy scent of basil + black spruce.

benefits: basil essential oil clears and strengthens the mind. black spruce essential oil energizes and revitalizes the spirit with skin healing properties.

size: 4.4 fl oz
made with:
100% natural oils