Bloody Mary Mix

$ 16.00

this mix shatters the stigma that freshness can't come in a jar. cucmber infused water, a byproduct of the pickling process, is the star of this mix. paired with generous amounts of flavorful ingredients, the essence of your backyard garden is bottled in this jar. 

size: 32 oz makes 4-8 bloody marys depending on glass size
ingredients: water, tomato paste, vinegar, cucumber juice, salt, dill, garlic, horseradish, spices, habanero
spice: medium
mix with tequila, vodka, beer, gin, whisky, or scotch.

The Real Dill started as a fun side project for friends Justin + Tyler and grew into a variety of delicious products. their mission to produce great goodies goes hand in hand with a commitment to the environment and their community in denver, co.

style: the bloodymary