Bath Cube Juniper + Geranium

$ 9.00

the crisp, woodsy and sweet properties of juniper are blended with fresh herbal notes of geranium then balanced with hints of mint and pepper to create this unique, restorative fragrance.

geranium oil has been said to work to slow the signs of aging. it is known to tighten skin and distribute melanin to keep a consistent color. juniper has antiseptic and astringent properties and has been used to treat skin blemishes. the cooling properties of mint have been known to relieve stress.

effervescent bath cubes are formulated with mineral rich Epsom salt in our signature fragrances. adding one to your bath aids in relaxing tense muscles, draws out toxins and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

scent: juniper + geranium
size: 9 oz

made in the USA