Agave Margarita Cocktail Mix

$ 20.00

Balanced, refreshing, and dang near life-changing‚ÄĒthe perfect margarita mix is here. Silky, smooth agave nectar is the key to balancing the fresh squeezed lime and fragrant orange flavor, with zero preservatives to compromise taste.

Serves 10 cocktails

Directions: Add 1.5oz of WithCo to 1.5oz liquor. Add ice, stir or shake and garnish with lime. Enjoy!

Pair with: Tequila, mezcal or soda water

Ingredients: Agave nectar, fresh lime juice, orange oil and water

Cocktails are important, but community is what truly matters most. WithCo stands for With Company, based in Nashville, Tennessee. The founders of WithCo set out to make a product that builds community and creates authentic connections between friends. Made with only fresh ingredients and zero preservatives, WithCo has done all the prep, so all you have to do is poor, drink and spend more time with your company.