A Kids Book About Failure

$ 19.95

A Kids Book About Failure by Dr. Laymon Hicks

it's not only likely kids will experience failure at some time in their lives, but it's a 100% certainty. grownups, it's up to you to teach them how to embrace it. this book doesn't paint a pretty face on failure. instead it rethinks what it means and shows kids how to live their lives not trying to avoid it. discusses heart, confidence, trying, and fear.

ages: 5+
pages: 64
author: from troubled youth to graduating high school with a 4.0 grade point average and obtaining a doctorate by the age of 29. Dr. Laymon Hicks' story is moving, his words are empowering, and his message is practical.

A Kids Book About makes kids books that matter. their books address the challenging, empowering, and important topics that kids experience everyday. their mission is to help kids and their grown ups have honest conversations about things that matter. these books treat kids like they’re smart and speak straightforwardly and honestly, using color, layout, and type to help kids apply the stories to their lives. 

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