keeping our community safe

store update

Heyday is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community.

We’ve outlined our new policies that you can expect when visiting the store - we respectfully ask for your understanding and cooperation.

As this is unknown territory for us all, policies and procedures may change; please know we are doing our best to ensure we can provide the very best Heyday experience for our team and customers.

new policies and procedures for shopping in-store

    • If you aren’t feeling well we respectfully ask that you shop from home and visit us online at​
    • We have hand sanitizer dispensers at the front entrance and at the point of sale for your use. We highly encourage you to use it on your way in and out of the store.
    • You can expect our team to be wearing new (and cute) face coverings for additional protection. We encourage wearing a face mask while shopping with us.
    • We are limiting our total store capacity to 25 total individuals including employees and customers. We will have a sales associate at the front entrance monitoring total capacity. We ask for your patience and understanding if there is a wait to enter.
    • We kindly ask that you keep your distance (6ft or so) from neighboring shoppers in the store. We’ve done our best to make adjustments to our displays to encourage proper spacing.
    • Heyday is all about the scents and smells. To reduce the spread of germs, we’ve put our testers behind the counter. If you’d like to test something, please ask a Sales Associate for assistance.
    • We pride ourselves that Heyday is a communal space; and oftentimes it's a meeting place for friends, family and socializing. We ask that group conversations that cannot practice safe social distancing are taken outside of the store.
    • The lines at the cash wrap now start behind each in-use computer to eliminate any crowding. We ask that you please give some respectful distance to others waiting in line with you.
    • Please be patient with us as we wipe down the credit card machines and counters between each transaction and customer.
    • We’re excited to offer Apple Pay and Google Pay for a faster, more efficient low-touch checkout process.

welcome back

shipping + in-store pickup

Is the store currently open? Effective, Tuesday, June 2nd, the store will be open from 11am-5pm, Tuesday-Sunday.

Can I pick up my online order? To place an order for pickup, select "In-Store Pickup" at checkout.

In-store pick-up is only available during open business hours, Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm.


For any online orders, you may start your return process online here​

Due to an increased volume of returns and the impact of COVID-19, we're experiencing processing delays and anticipate returns and/or refunds will take longer than our usual 2-3 business days.

gift cards

As a friendly reminder, we have in-store (only) gift cards and online (only) gift cards​ In-store and online gift cards are NOT interchangeable; they can only be used on their respective platform.


if you have any questions regarding this sale, please email and our e-commerce manager will get back to you as soon as possible​ .