Little Helper Sleep Supplement Strip

$ 4.00
tossing and turning night after night? these honey-flavored supplement strips are just what you need. infused with dream-inducing, calming, and caffeine-fighting ingredients, they’ll lull you to sleep as soon as you hit the sheets. even better, they’ll ensure your rise and shine routine isn’t interrupted by grogginess.

contains: 1 supplement strip
flavor: herbal honey
key ingredients: melatonin, chamomile, theanine, and tryptophan
directions: take one sleep strip at a time. place the strip directly on your tongue and let it dissolve. wait to see how you feel after one strip. if you want to feel more of an effect, dissolve another strip on your tongue. once it kicks in (within 5 to 15 minutes) it will help you reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep.
*may induce drowsiness. do not use while operating a motor vehicle or machinery. consult a physician before use if pregnant or nursing, or if you have a medical condition.

Patchology was formed around the idea that truly effective delivery of the best ingredients — on your terms — is a game changer. over ten years ago, their founding team began developing innovative patch technologies for the medical field. today, they’re continuing to expand that expertise in ingredient delivery to create products that do more, work faster, and deliver better results. produced in the usa, based in massachusetts.

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