Good Morning Beautiful Essential Oil Spritz

$ 25.00
SKU: HAP 34829101-12

this essential oil spray is an energizing, uplifting and indulgent blend of organic sweet orange + lemon peel that will keep you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized throughout the day. great to use first thing in the morning or anytime you are needing an extra boost. use as both a face + body mist.

size: 3.4oz
scent: organic sweet orange + lemon peel
benefits: energizing, brightening, uplifting, mood boosting
key ingredients: 100% essential oils including organic sweet orange essential oil + lemon essential oil, radish root

Happy Spritz is a collection of luxe + modern essential oil products created to combine the functionality and simplicity behind essential oils with a modern and minimal design aesthetic to appeal to the more progressive green beauty consumer. made in california.

style: hap 34829101-12