Full Moon Botanical Bath Tea

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the full moon is a time of abundance, fertility and light, calling upon us to celebrate and dance in the lunar glow. enlivening us with bright calendula, delicate rose and invigorating ginger, full moon bath elicits a sense of hope, abundance, beauty and joy. this lively blend activates the body and mind for focused energy, delicious sensuality and celebration of having brought our seeds of intention to life.

size: 8 oz, two baths
ingredients: rose petals, calendula, ginger root, lemon peel, lemon verbena, damiana, shatavari. all ingredients are organic, vegan, and gluten free.
directions: steep 1/2 contents of the jar in 34 oz of hot water in a french press of stove top for 20 minutes. strain and pour into your bathwater. immerse yourself in the soothing bath and set an intention. tune into your breath and relax.

true wellness arises when we re-align ourselves with the rhythms and elements of nature. in an increasingly chaotic and over-stimulating world, Moon Bath’s bathing rituals inspire you to create space to slow down, tune in and reconnect. Sierra + Dakota founded this collection of simple and organic products that contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. inspired by living in alignment with the lunar cycles, these indulgences invite you to tune in to the rhythms of nature and create space to connect more deeply with yourself through self-care rituals. woman owned, colorado made, and sustainably packaged.


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