Happy Camper Steeped Single Coffee

$ 2.85

This is the simplest option for on-the-go brewing on the market. The steeped packet is packed with Bozeman's Treeline Coffee and ready to brew when you are. Simply grab a mug, fill it with boiling hot water, steep and drink. Yes, you heard us right - we are asking you to dunk and steep your coffee like, well, a tea drinker. This steeped packet makes enjoying quality coffee on-the-go. Each packet is biodegradable, so grab these packets and head into the backcountry, onto the airplane, or into the kitchen of your subpar coffee drinking friend and get to brewing!

Happy Camper: Notes of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow
Includes: 1 single steeped coffee

Treeline is a small batch, artisan coffee roaster in pursuit of an unforgettable cup of coffee. They pride themselves on sourcing excellent coffees seasonally and roasting each bean to highlight the unique flavors that make for a rich and dynamic cup of coffee. Based in Bozeman, Montana.