Dream Hand Creme

$ 28.00

a botanically lush handcreme with rich ingredients. oils are blended to comfort & soothe skin. beneficial hydrating extracts lightly moisturize while a dreamy combination of linden, white tea, bergamot and honeysuckle leaves skin deliciously fresh. formulated to absorb quickly.

size: 4 oz
key ingredients: vitamin e, shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia seed oil, avocado oil, aloe juice, honey extract
scent: white tea + honeysuckle

Lollia is proud to have spent over 20 years lovingly developing their products, creating each to capture the imagination and provide a delightful escape from the everyday. from the most intricate details of the packaging to our luxurious formulations & exquisite fragrances, each element has carefully been composed. made in the usa.

style: lol 10bm dream