Hand Soap

$ 22.00

The elegant glass bottle sits beautifully in any kitchen or bathroom, while a sea-infused formula will soften and nourish your skin in a rich, lathering soap.

Size: 9 fl oz

Voyager: pepper | citrus | moss. Life on the high seaswith an endless horizon and deep blue water. Strong aquatic notes with a pepper punchfor those with the spirit of adventure, this scent is sailor fresh.

Sunkissed: cardamom | juniper | cedar. The golden sun warms the sand and kisses the skin. A little sun, a little surfthis spirited scent is inspired by orange groves that grow along the shore all year long.

Mersea began in 2013 with the passion of travel and the nostalgia that comes along with it in mind. Ever since, they have been crafting apparel, self-care, and home items that transport the body and soul to places old and new. Based in Kansas.